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Boron Nitride Powder

High Refractoriness

BORON NITRIDE is a very high temperature material. Use temperatures to 1800 C (3300 F) are possible in inert and reducing atmospheres. In vacuum atmospheres, boron nitride can be used to nearly 1400 C (2550 F) before sublimation, and in oxidizing atmospheres, use temperature is approximately 1100 C (2000 F).

Thermal Properties

BORON NITRIDE has very high thermal conductivity, higher than most other ceramic materials. Thermal conductivity at room temperature is about 0.08 cal/(cm-sec-K), similar to that of stainless steel, compared with zirconium oxide of only 0.0046 cal/(cm-sec-K). This property makes BORON NITRIDE ideal for use as heat sinks and additives to increase the thermal conductivity of oils, coolants, potting compounds, friction plates and release agents. BORON NITRIDE is especially useful as fillers for polymeric materials, resins, epoxies, and silicones.

Dielectric Properties

BORON NITRIDE possesses dielectric properties that are superior to those of dense alumina ceramics, and is an excellent low-loss insulator material. It has a dielectric constant of about 4 (half that of Al2O3) and a dielectric strength of nearly 1000 volts per mil, about four times that of alumina. BORON NITRIDE is also transparent to microwave energy.

Chemical Resistance

BORON NITRIDE is completely inorganic and inert, is totally non-wetted by molten aluminum, magnesium, and their drosses, and offers exceptional non-reaction by most molten metals and slags. BORON NITRIDE is commonly used as a release agent and as a container material for molten salts, cryolite, aluminum, magnesium, silicon, iron, steels, copper, non-lead glasses, germanium, indium, antimony, tin, cadmium, and metal oxides, as well as many other materials. Coatings produced using BORON NITRIDE are also ideal as a braze stop-off and weld spatter release.

Lubricating Qualities

Crystallographically, BORON NITRIDE is hexagonal and platy like graphite and offers similar lubrication but is usable to much greater temperatures. For this reason, BORON NITRIDE is often referred to as “white graphite.” However, unlike graphite, BORON NITRIDE maintains lubricity in vacuum, making it ideal as a high-temperature lubricant for hot-pressing and isothermal forming of superalloys. Boron Nitride is useful for adding to brakes and gaskets as an anti-squeal agent.

The unique properties of Boron Nitride Powder are listed below.

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